Finding Success with Attribution & Call Tracking


Gaining an accurate and complete picture of your marketing attribution—which channels are producing leads and conversions—is crucial to getting the biggest return on your marketing dollars.

In this guide, we’ll present a variety of channel attribution strategies, and describe how CallTrackingMetrics can help you finally gain a complete picture of the marketing journey




How to build an attribution strategy


As a digital marketer, you’re invested in channels, lots of channels—mobile, online, social media, in-person interaction, voice calls—but you probably give preference to some more than others. Attribution is all about discovering these differences, as well as honing your efforts to make the most of each channel. 



The tools you'll need to hone your attribution


Attribution models are based on customer touches, or clicks. It might take some trial and error to get a feel for the best attribution model for your business. What’s crucial to the performance of all of the above strategies is having enough data across all the channels you’re using.


The ways in which CallTrackingMetrics can help


In a marketplace increasingly defined by personalized and customized experiences, knowing your customers is crucial. The data provided by the CTM platform gives you a leg-up, offering details about their demographics, location, online journey, prior purchases, and more.