A Quick Guide to SMS Marketing


If you’re like many marketers today, your bread and butter is email and social media. And while both are reliable channels that chart solid results when done right, you could be missing out. While cultivating your prospecting and conversions on those two channels, make sure you’re not overlooking another growing channel and a potential goldmine of customer engagement: SMS marketing.

If you’re unsure about the benefits or best practices of an SMS campaign—or even what’s involved—keep reading. This quick guide will spell out the value of SMS marketing, explain how to build an effective campaign, and show how the CallTrackingMetrics platform can help at every step along the way.




The benefits of SMS marketing


Imagine never buying another phone system. Imagine everythingText messages are inexpensive compared to both traditional and digital marketing channels. Think of it as direct mail, without the printing and postage.



How to build your strategy for success


Getting results from your SMS marketing isn’t rocket science, but it does take planning—as well as the right tools. Relevance is something that rarely happens by accident, and getting the appropriate content or offer to the right audience at the right time takes planning.


The ways in which we can help


The CallTrackingMetrics platform is the one of the only call tracking solutions that tracks all of your text communications along with your call data, while also collecting a wealth of data from online channels..